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Thursday, November 18, 2010

What is choke collar and how to use it properly?

Question:  What is the proper use of the choke collar??
Answer:  They are GREAT for locking gates (use a double snap)...  :-)
That was my initial flippant answer.  I think this is a better one:
I do not use choke chains on dogs.  There are many reasons but, if I was to give just one, and this is the one I use with clients, it is because if I gain control over the dog using physical force- I have control over the dog but anyone who is unable or unwilling to use the same force does not have control.
The hypothetical 90 year old lady with the aggressive Rottie coulld never gain physical control over the dog.  But, given the right 90 year old lady, and the right Rottie she could gain mental control, *influence* is the word John Rogerson uses.
I see it all the time with private clients.  The dog will do what dad tells(!) it to do (he uses physical punishment/corrections when necessary, and it works) BUT the wife has considerably less control and the kids have none.   I believe that if dad had used only as much physical and tonal (deep voice) techniques as the youngest and weakest of the family.... the dog would treat all the people in the family the same.  The 4 year old would have as much influence as dad.
Teaching the dog that "might makes right" has consequences.
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Gary Maglipay said...

Well said..
Even I won't use it for my dog. Well, I didn't even know such thing exists. But if you think about it, the name itself don't sound pleasing. I think most dog trainings don't encourage the use of that one.