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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dog House Training - tips you must know

Providing effective training for your dog from an early age is very important for a number of reasons. The most effective training method for both you and your dog will depend upon a number of factors, such as which method of training you feel most comfortable with and which method of training your dog is most responsive to.

Basic dog training is available for most all breeds. Performing the correct dog training is something that will better your relationship with your dog. Dog training is definitely not rocket science and is easier than you would expect particularly if you can get help from a good dog training book or guide. Dog training is a must for ALL dogs large or small.

The final major mistake we all make is thinking that the dog training is over. The main advantage of traditional dog training is the high reliability of the trained behaviors. Other advantages are that positive dog training is easy to understand and fun to carry out. The thing needed in training your dog is what most experts define as "positive reinforcement". This is a method of rewarding the dog or puppy when they do something "right" and leads to them wanting to do the right thing all the time.Dog and Puppy House Training Stops Them Piddling And Pooping in the Wrong Places.

These next few tips will help make your life with your dog that much more enjoyable.

1 It is very important to help the dog identify itself with a name. In the critical stage of socialization,the dog would be busy trying to accustom itself to its new home and people and would also seek its place in the house. Giving it a name and making him know it that helps it become a part of the family. Call him with the chosen name as many times as possible, and reward him with something whenever he responds. A bright smile, a hug or just an enthusiastic "yes!" would do. Just make sure your dog feels recognized when it responds to its name.

2 It responds only to name but nothing else?This is one of the mistakes owners commonly do. Though name is an important part of the dog's life, it is equally important to include it in other activities too. It is good that your dog is responding. Take advantage of dog training suggestion responsiveness to teach it to obey basic rules like sit, stand, etc. This can be done by playing innovative games with it. For example, sit and treat yourself a biscuit in front of it and show it do like wise. It may take time but timely rewards would ensure its obedience.

3 Responsiveness of the dog also depends on how effective our communication is with your dog. A dog won't understand human language and it would be a waste of energy if we try to teach it verbal "sit" and "stand". Instead make use of your eye contact whenever you deal with it. Sit with it and give instructions through eye contact. This has proved to be very successful in most cases.

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